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SEASONS - Interactive


Thank you for purchasing my album SEASONS. As an energy worker and a priestess, I have created an interactive way to connect to my music and the uniqueness and healing that each season can bring into our own lives.

Below are 4 Meditations and Energy Cleansing Tools with each phase.



Om Namah Shivaya

The spring symbolizes creation and the birth of something into the word, the un manifest -manifest.

Om- Before there was a universe, there was a vibrationless void of pure existence. Out of this void came the vibration which started the universe, which is known as Om.
Namah- This literally translates to bow.
Shivaya- This literally is Shiva; in essence it means the inner self. The God Self, Source Connection, My higher self. The ONE

The chant or mantra (Man =mind/Tra =Sound) Om Namah Shivaya is a love song, to ourselves. A love song we sing to our own deepest inner nature. In this song we recognize that we are the source, like a hologram, a piece that also represents the whole. Similar to a drop of water being the same essence and structure as the ENTIRE ocean. We are the drop and the ocean. The sound vibration of this particular mantra is said to be a very pure expression of our deepest nature.

Contemplate the meaning of spring, Ask yourself, what is spring? At its heart, it seems to me to be a natural revival. As yourself what needs reviving or igniting in your life? Is it hope after the long cold winter? Passion? Health? Following your heart? This is a great time to literally start again, hence the first step- the birth. At the core of spring is creative growth – the energy that fuels the beauty, richness and color of the later part of spring and summer. But first the seeds must be planted and your energy reactivated.

The Meditation ~ Find a quiet space to sit with your eyes closed. Breath deeply and connect to your heart space. Chant aloud or sing the mantra in your mind as you create the feeling of love surrounding yourself. Imagine the love being the color green and in your mind’s eye allow the light to flow around your body and emanate outward. Imagine that you are planting seeds into the ground of things you wish to birth this year. No limited beliefs are welcome, which means everything is possible! You are indeed creating magick.




The River is Flowing- Shamanic and/or Native American Chant.

The summer is symbolic for celebration. It is the time to connect to the light (the sun or sol), connecting to the fire with us and taking whole hearted action.

Before starting this practice. Connect with your heart’s intention and your passion in life. You will be using your breath and the power of the sun to freely release your passion.

The Meditation- Use this time of most sun and strongest light to be with the earth and grounding force. Find a place outside where you will not disturbed- a forest, a beach, a park, on a hill. Take your shoes off and stand on the earth barefoot feet shoulder width apart. Create the breath of fire. Inhale and instead of exhaling fully pump your belly using your diaphragm. Breath of Fire is powered from the navel point (solar plexus) and the diaphragm which is used to pump the navel in and out with each exhale and inhale, respectively. It’s a bit like panting like a dog but with your mouth and eyes closed. Start for one minute and add minutes as you improve. If you feel lightheaded slow down your pace and make sure your exhalations and inhalations are equal in length. The benefits of Breath of Fire are many. As you finish the sacred breathing exercise allow your intentions and passions to be ignited by the fire within.




May the Longtime Sun- Irish or Celtic Blessing *also used to close Kundalini Yoga

Autumn is the time to let go. Allowing the things, situations, relationships, negative thought patterning is an important part of growth, expansion and freedom. When we can let go of the old we can make room for the new. It could be the scariest part of our learning as humans but also the most rewarding.

The Meditation- If possible perform this Autumn ritual on or close to the full moon ( September, October, or November) setting 15-13 minutes for this Autumn exercise. On paper write down all the things in your life you are ready to release. Choose the top three and feel into them. Get into nature and take a walk. While you are walking pick up three pebbles. These three pebbles symbolically represent the things you will be releasing. Continue walking and feeling the energetic weight of what you are letting go.

Connect to your own heart space and intuition and when you are ready drop each pebble. If you are near water throw them in one by one, and notice how you feel allowing the extra (energetic) weight to be released.



I AM or Lumen de Lumine- Lumen de Lumine is the heavenly energy that brings life, light and freedom to all souls; that uplifts and awakens all souls in divine love. It also represents the harmonious organization of elements in the Divine Soul.

Winter is the season of silence. It is still, inward and contemplative. Symbolically, winter invites us to go within, be reverent and present to our own inner light gaining purity and clarification once again.

The Meditation- Find a quiet place at home, create a sacred space to honor the past year.  Light a tea light candle and watch the flame of light dance. Reflect on and contemplate the year past and cultivate a feeling and energetic resonance of gratitude, love and appreciation for your existence and the world around you. Continue to fuel the feelings of appreciation and love by breathing deeply and fully. Allow the candle to go out on it’s own or use a snuffer. When the light goes out allow the inner light from you heart to be the light you hold through the rest of the winter season. Sit in the dark and the quiet space for as long as you wish. Repeat throughout the winter.


SEASONS are vital to the transition and evolution of our planet as well as human consciousness. They are so symbolic when observed with reverence and respect. When we live in harmony with the seasons inside our lives, we learn to trust that the unfolding of our own journey is as extraordinary as Mother Nature herself. Living with that awareness can teach us the Divine connection in all things and gifts us with a glimpse into eternity.

Sending you Love, Light and Divine Peace,


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