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by Aureliaslight

Released 2018
Released 2018
Magical, Mystical, Meditative and Empowering- A voice and visionary that will bring you into the New Age.
"If there was a heaven that is where she took me" Yoga Festival Participant

"SEASONS" recorded in 432hz (the frequency of light) will be released on Earth Day in the spring of 2018. This 12 song cycle traces a soul's journey through the seasons and its alignment with our human phases of Birth, Life, Letting go and Transformation. A combination of electronic, chill, ambient, world & earthy grounding power with her added signature voice, SEASONS is unlike any other album by Aurélia. Reflecting a light warrior spirit and the Divine Feminine essence, SEASONS ushers a call into the rebirth and transformation of consciousness and our natural connection to the earth and each other.

SEASONS is also an interactive album. Along with the music it includes 4 energy clearing, cleansing and shifting meditations/exercises that align with each progressive season. Listeners can find out more how to energetically connect to the seasons, themselves and the natural world by using these powerful techniques and tools that Aurelia created for her listeners by visiting her website

Jennifer Aurélia (Aureliaslight) previously known as Jennifer Zulli is an internationally known new age recording artist, award winning composer, singer, sound/energy healer, priestess and master teacher. Graduating with a Master Degree in Music and Education, Aurélia has been an avid explorer of sound and energy and its effects on consciousness for over 20 years. Aurelia's music is regularly played on Sirius/XM radio and is utilized around the world for sacred & spiritual ceremonies and energy work and has been featured in documentaries and film. She is a creative visionary in her unique compositional style of combining and sound, music and energy. Jennifer Aurelia is the Founder and Director of SOUND (Center for Arts & Mindfulness) and educational and arts center that supports music and arts, conscious evolution, community and connection.

Aurélia loves spending time with her two beautiful children, hiking in the woods, reading rich deep mystical and sacred texts, dancing (anywhere), she enjoys beautiful healthy food, wine, chocolate and laughs as much as she can. A passionate supporter of women, children, our earth and awakening men, her mission here on Earth is to help the rise of the Divine Feminine (in both women and men) through her music, energy work, intuitive development and conscious education with the utmost compassion.

"Goddess Rising bathes the listener in waves of profoundly healing sound. To listen to this gorgeous recording is a magnificent gift to your soul. I cannot recommend it highly enough" Sonia Choquette (New York Times Best-Selling author of "The Answer is Simple" & "Love Yourself Live Your Spirit"

"Magical, Mysterious, Romantic and Haunting, Jennifer Zulli's music reflects the depth of her soul's profound journey through this precious lifetime and her graceful skill" Paul Avgerinos (Grammy award winning Composer, Artist and Producer)

"If there was a heaven that is where she took me" Newtown Yoga Festival Participant

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