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Earth Lullaby

by Aureliaslight

Released 2012
Released 2012
A contemporary mix of classical and new age. Haunting piano and vocals. introspective, meditative, ambient.
"For some reason when I listen to Jennifer's music I am strongly reminded of Erik Satie and his Gynopedies" RJ Lannan (zone music reporter)
"Magical, Mysterious, Romantic and Haunting,
Jennifer's music reflects the depth of her soul's profound journey
through this precious lifetime and her graceful skill
and artistry in piano, voice and composition . . . Highly Recommended !"
Paul Avgerinos ~ Grammy Nominated Producer and Artist

After OPENING in 2010, I wanted to write an album that was a little less intense while being true to my art. I love combining my classical training with elements of New Age music and trying to paint pictures with sound. I love when a listener can get inside my head and the sound becomes the doorway to connect our souls.
"Earth Lullaby" is just that, pieces for the earth to celebrate her beauty and all of her inhabitants.

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