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Lumen de Lumine (Light of Light)


Lumen de Lumine - The title, Lumen de Lumine, translated from the Latin as “Light from Light,” also comes from the Nicene Creed, where it is used in this traditional confession of faith as a description of Christ.


A prayer of the highest potency for opening the heart and creating a connection with the higher world. 

Lumen de Lumine represents the light that is the most powerful factor in Nature's creative work. Lumen de Lumine translates as Light from Light. Deum de Deo translates as God from God, whose Spirit is the bearer of complete Light. Lumen de Lumine also refers to the light that has many degrees of manifestation. 

The latin mantra Lumen de Lumine is an extremely powerful living manifestation of the Adamic Star. It is the archetype of man; the First-Born in the world who developed and manifested all divine virtues and applied all divine laws. Lumen de Lumine is the Way, the Truth and the Life. As the Way, it is the Word; the movement of the spirit towards an intelligent application of the laws of Nature. As the Life, it is the harmonious organization of the elements and the development of the forces in the Divine soul. As the Truth, it is the manifestation of the One God who creates the conditions for the development of all living beings.


Lumen De Lumine creates a connection between your heart and the higher world. This form of communion is like a sweet, spiritual wine; it is a communion of the soul with the realms of light. Lumen de Lumine is a creative act of Divine Nature that distinguishes the temporary from the eternal. It represents the Light that is the first awakening in Living Nature when Nature passed from the limitless condition to the limited condition. Light is a succession of vibrations that include the seven colors, from red to violet, within which ordinary man perceives Light. However, ordinary light is a reflection of other types of energies, and behind these energies is intelligence. Everything in Living Nature - all minerals, plants, animals and man - is a manifestation of Light.


Lumen de Lumine represents the light that is the most powerful factor in Nature's creative work. Lumen de Lumine translates as Light from Light. Deum de Deo translates as God from God, whose Spirit is the bearer of complete Light. Lumen de Lumine also refers to the light that has many degrees of manifestation. There are three main kinds of light. Physical light, spiritual light and Divine light. The light we perceive in the physical world differs from the light that shines in the spiritual world, just as it differs from the light that illuminates the Divine world. Physical eyes access physical light. Spiritual vision accesses spiritual light. Divine vision accesses divine light. By working with Lumen de Lumine you can receive spiritual vision in order to perceive and comprehend spiritual light. This, in turn, opens up a boundless, marvelous world in which illumination reigns supreme.


The degree of development of all beings depends upon the quality and quantity of light they possess. A person's character, intelligence and spiritual elevation are judged according to the quality and quantity of light he/she perceives and manifests. In short, a person is known by the light of his/her life; the more radiant the light emanating from an intelligent being, the more mightily it illumines and gives meaning to life, and the higher the intelligence it brings. As we enter the hereafter, it is our level of light that reveals the kind of life we have lived. If we learn Divine Spiritual Wisdom, serve others during our time on earth, we will be enveloped with a beautiful, bright light that contains more joy and blessing than we can imagine. Wherever we look, we will see only boundless light. Within the unceasing, infinite radiance of this unlimited light there are no shadows.


December Full Cold Moon 12/12 at 12:12 EST - The Magic of 333


The December Full Moon called the Full Cold Moon by some Native Americans tribes since this is the month that heralds in the cold winter season. It is also called the Long Nights Moon and the ancient European Pagans called this moon the Moon before Yule in honor of the last full moon before the powerful winter solstice. 

This full moon happens to fall on December 12 with it’s peak on EST at 12:12am. How cool is that!



Sound baths moving from new age metaphysical realm to Mainstream




What do Robert Downy Jr. Charlize Theron and Laurence Fishburne have in common? 


Reasons to try a sound bath


The common denominator in all of the ancient healing wisdom is the knowledge and understanding that humans are beings of vibration. Everything vibrates; it is vibration that we see, hear, feel and experience on our earth journeys. When our bodies are ill, when we have chronic pain, depression and anxiety, it is our bodies’ way of telling us we are not in vibrational harmony. 

Freedom or Surrender? Do we need to Surrender to be Free?

Freedom and Independence. Our country will be celebrating the 4th of July on Thursday. Have you ever stopped and thought what the meaning of Freedom is to you? What does it mean to have Freedom in your soul or in your heart? Freedom is something I have been passionately working to culitvate in my life for over a decade. Freedom is a state of being and for me it brings up Surrendering.
The creative process is a process of surrender, not control. As an artist and musician I have learned to surrender from a very young age to the notes on the piano or the sounds coming from singing my favorite songs. To me it was scary and exhilarating to close my eyes and trust an intimate process of creation coming through me that I had no control over.

If I cannot Fly Let me SING!


If I cannot Fly Let me Sing

Your body is your instrument. We all have one and it truly is our temple and gift from God.

What is the most important thing to do upon rising each morning?


Happy Rising!
Did you brush your teeth, wash your face and have your morning beverage? 

How is your vibration today? Did you know we are in charge of our own frequency? No one else can do it for us and it is the MOST important thing to connect with when you rise.


The Summer Solstice or Litha Celebrates the Sun (Sol) it aligns with the element Fire!


The Summer Solstice or Litha Celebrates the Sun (Sol) it aligns with the element Fire!

Belonging to the element Fire, the Heart Official is associated with warmth, laughter and enthusiasm. Just as the summer season, associated with the Fire element, brings blossoming and maturing - the flowering of all the seeds planted in the spring - love is the blossoming of a human being. It is indeed who we are in full "bloom." Nowhere is such love felt more deeply than the Heart. Love is the current that connects us to each other as one, reaching the furthest corners of the kingdom of the body/mind/spirit with each heartbeat. 

Did you know holy week is in the stars?



The date of Easter is not fixed, but instead is governed by the phases of the moon – how pagan is that? Or is Easter even more ancient?

All the fun things about Easter are actually pagan. Bunnies are a leftover from the pagan festival of Eostre , a great northern goddess whose symbol was a rabbit or hare and are symbols for fertility and sexuality. It truly emphasizes creation Exchange of eggs is an ancient custom, celebrated by many cultures. Eating boiled eggs was also a custom in the medieval times to honor the time after the dark winter months. Hot cross buns are very ancient too. In the Old Testament the Israelites baking sweet buns for an idol, and religious leaders trying to put a stop to it. The early church clergy also tried to put a stop to sacred cakes being baked at Easter. In the end, in the face of defiant cake-baking pagan women, they gave up and blessed the cake instead.



Easter (Ostara)

I was speaking with my son Myles the other day as we were preparing for his 7th birthday party on Sunday and we happened to pop onto the subject of death.
Now If I were speaking to my 12 year old daughter it would have been a very emotional and heavy conversation but Myles and his light hearted spirit just said "but mommy we don't die". I asked what do you mean. He said "we just go into another world, and another world and the worlds continue on forever"
"We go on through our heads" and continued on in his play.
I am not sure about you, but I would love to believe this pure hearted boy knows a thing or two about the spirit world.

The Powerful Magic of the Ho'oponopono Sacred Mantra



Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian shamanic practice for healing. Ho'oponopono means to make (ho’o) right (pono) right (pono) to correct relationship problems. Most problems and negatively in our lives come from stuck energy either in this lifetime or past or even our ancestral lineage. Once honored and recognized many times situations can dissipate organically as love and forgiveness are high vibrational emotions.

Traditionally a kahuna or doctor would be called into a family to uncover the problems, practice forgiveness and release each other from the negative family dynamics including but not limited to guilt, shame, holding grudges etc.


What is Higher than Wisdom and Philosophy


“No matter how corrupt, greedy, and heartless our government, our corporations, our media, and our religious and charitable institutions may become, the music will still be wonderful” Kurt Vonnegut

When I would give presentations to parents of incoming students or workshops on SOUND and music I would start with “If there was only one subject to teach in schools it would be music. Music encompasses EVERYTHING”  Those who put down the arts or deem it less worthy than science, technology or business and refer to extracurricular activity or a hobby obviously don’t get it all. Beethoven said “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” and I agree.

What Does SOUND have to do with it?




What do the brilliant minds of Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras, Baroque composer J.S Bach, and Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung have in common? They share deep understanding that music and sound connect humans to the earth and beyond.

Sound healing and sound/music therapy are growing increasingly popular these days as an alternative way to deal with a range of “dis-eases” from chronic pain to ADHD to depression and more. Sound and music is currently being welcomed as a tool to assist healing in hospitals, schools, nurseries, birthing centers, rehabilitation facilities and retirement communities around the U.S. and Europe.

Tibetan and quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs, didgeridoos, drums, rattles and other instruments are being utilized to help patients and clients go beyond relaxation and into a place where the body and mind are receptive to balance and, ultimately, healing.




11 AMAZING Benefits of Raw Cacao -Why I LOVE Chocolate and leading Cacao Ceremonies


Cacao Ceremonies are SO healing. As a priestess I love leading them for so many reasons. Once cacao enters the body I see magic happen. A sparkle in the eye, a smile, a tear and even giggles. The beautiful plant wants to connect with us and heal our hearts of lifetimes of trauma and past on fears. Cacao offers us a way to be more joyful and let go and connect back to our GOD Center.

Raw cacao offers amazing health benefits for your entire body! The Incas considered it the drink of gods, an association that gave rise to the scientific name of the cocoa tree, Theobroma cacao, from the Greek words theo (god) and broma (drink).

Aurelia's Awakening


12 years ago after my daughter was born I contracted Lyme disease and Ehrlichia chaffeensis a severe and rare tick borne infection that can be fatal especially when untreated. I was postpartum with a c section and went undiagnosed for close to a year. Because I was a new mother, I had nothing to compare it to. I thought every new mother was just very tired and the myriad of MDs told me- to just go home and sleep. And because "I looked fine" doctors had a hard time filing me in a diagnostic box. As time went on, the infections nestled deep within my nervous system, muscular system and joints. Causing severe pain, heart arrhythmias, memory loss, word retrieval issues (for the most simplest of words such as “chair”) and sleep paralysis. Imagine being fully awake and not being able to move your body. Shooting pains in my elbows would not allow me to sleep at night and my nerves would twitch and buzz like I was electrified.


Facing our Shadow Side


“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” Orwell

Being curious about the darkness within and allowing parts of our shadow side (our wild, intuitive, creative and primal nature-sometimes dark) to be seen and integrated is paramount to our evolution individually and collectively.

The Birth of Sonic Journey Experience

We are POWERFUL beings, We CREATE positively or negatively but we are ALWAYS creating. 
And the more powerful you are the bigger the creations. 
And sometimes mine were not always beautiful. 

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