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Step into the Power of Your Voice (Vocal Class) Chants, Mantra & Toning

4 Week Class Series (Live)
Thursdays in February 7pm-8pm
Starts February 7th
Step into your Power of your VOICE!
"Within the sound of your voice are the keys to innumerable worlds."
The Hathors
Mantra and Chanting are keys to unlock a powerful force inside.
Using sound and words we can experience deep states of transcendent bliss, higher awareness, health, wellness and a greater creative force to support us on our journey.
In this 4 week session you will:

Learn simple vocal techniques and exercises:

            ~Be introduced to Basic toning to connect with your body and energy centers.

~Learn Different Chants and Mantras 

and how and why they are used. And how they might fit in your active life.

~Experience the powerful healing and meditative effects of chanting in a group. 
          ~Watch and learn how sound and words can raise your vibration FAST!
AND lastly feel how the magic of music and sound can create magic.



Four Week Class 
$88 ($12 per class) 
Limit 10 people for this special vocal course with Aurelia
Please email 

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