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Sound Bath / Class


Tibetan Bowl Sound Bath

At a cellular level, we are 75% water. As the vibrations of sounds waves particularly the Tibetan singing bowls pass over our body (which is why it is also known as a sound bath), our brain waves go from Beta (Alpha in between) Theta, and sometimes, if we go deep enough, to Delta. Our normal waking consciousness corresponds to the Beta state. The feeling of relaxation and concentration is linked to the Alpha state. Then we go into Theta state (5-7Hertz), which is associated with Rapid Eye Movement and the release of muscular spasms and energetic blockages. Delta state (0.5-4Hertz) can also be achieved through prolonged playing of the singing bowls, emitting extremely low vibrations associated with deep sleep and other unconscious states. In just 40 minutes, our bodies go through these different brain states. leaving people feeling more relaxed, in less pain, and fully rejuvenated. Many experiencing these sessions say they are able to release aches and pains, emotional blockages and others say they felt like they went to a state of deep peace.


Whatever experience is had, people leave in a better state of being, ready to spread compassion to those around them.


Facilitator Jennifer Aurelia M.S.

Music Educator, Sound Therapist, Usui Reiki Master and Recording Artist

Founder of SOUND

Price $30 preregistration

$35 at the door

Aureliaslight Studio of Music & SOUND



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