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Express the Goddess Within- Step into the Power of your Voice

Step into the Power of Your Voice

Express the Goddess Within 

“Women are still in emotional bondage as long as we need to worry that we might have to make a choice between being heard and being loved.”

― Marianne Williamson

Join award winning recording artist, composer, teacher, choir director & vocal coach Aurélia in an incredibly empowering, healing and unique workshop.

If you are looking to express yourself, feel into your body and soul at the same time, find your truth while witnessing the power of your female voice, this workshop is for you. Created by Aurelia this one of a kind workshop stems from over twenty years of teaching voice, studying voice and sound as it relates to vibration and energy, and a passion for the healing and empowerment of women.

 In this workshop participants will be introduced to:

  • The anatomy of the voice and the fifth chakra Vishuddha  (the first of the three spiritual chakras),  and how it relates to the truth of our being.

  • Vocal Exercises, Breathing and Movement to tune into our feminine bodies and open the fifth chakra.

  • The Art of Toning, What is is and why it is a wonderful way to connect our body to our spiritual self daily

  • The benefits of Mantra or Chanting how the vibration can raise energy and create alignment. Learn to sing or chant the HIGHEST vibrational mantra and how you can use it for the rest of your life.

  • The healing benefits of singing in a group. This is reason why choir singers are healthy and happy.

And so much MORE!


“Unbelievable, transcendental experience in discovering the power of my own voice and the co- creative power of a group. Such an EXPANSIVE growth opportunity!” K.O.  (Power of your Voice Class Participant)

“It is like I am high on SOUND”  B.A (participant)



Sticks and Stones Farm

Newtown. CT 

197 Huntingtown Rd

Workshop Cost $45

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